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We sincerely advise our brothers and sisters, those younger than us and those older, those whom we love goodness for as we love it for ourselves, may Allah unite our hearts upon Salafiyyah. We ask the following article is read in sincerity, carefully from its opening to its end, contemplating the affairs, seeking that Allah places guidance within the hearts.

Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil is a great aspect of importance within this pure religion, such that Allah stated in the Quran, كُنتُمْ خَيْرَ‌ أُمَّةٍ أُخْرِ‌جَتْ لِلنَّاسِ تَأْمُرُ‌ونَ بِالْمَعْرُ‌وفِ وَتَنْهَوْنَ عَنِ الْمُنكَرِ‌ وَتُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللَّـهِ.” “You [true believers in Islamic Monotheism, and real followers of Prophet Muhammad (صلى اللهُ عليه وآله وسَلَّم) and his Sunnah (legal ways, etc.)] are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind; you enjoin Al-Ma’ruf (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam has ordained) and forbid Al-Munkar (polytheism, disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden), and you believe in Allah” [Ale Imran:110].

Shaikh al-Fawzan stated regarding the ayat: “This is from the characteristics of this umma [of Islam] which is the best of the peoples raised up for mankind, [they] command with every obedience and goodness, and [they] forbid from every sin and evil, and [they] believe in Allah, hence enjoining the good and forbidding the evil is from the charecteristics of eemaan”…”so they rectify the ‘aqeedah of the people and their actions and dealings and manners, they cause them to be upright upon the religion of Allah….”[دروس من القران الكريم ص195]

There is an amazing example the prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم gave regarding the one who is upright upon enjoining the good and forbidding the evil and the one who is in opposition and falling into error and sinning, they were compared to a group of people who went out on a ship upon the ocean, some of them ended up on the top deck and some of them on the lower deck. The individuals in the lower deck had to continuously go up and disturb those above them on the top deck to bring down the water barrels for drinking and other use [since they were all stored on the top deck], so some of them said to the others with them in the lower deck that perhaps we should make a small hole in our lower deck to allow some sea water in, hence we don’t have to continuously disturb those above us. In this example, if the people of the upper deck remained silent and allowed the lower deck individuals to make the hole, then the whole ship would sink and they would all drown! If however, they enjoin the good and forbid the evil and prevent them from this act they will all survive. [Origin of narration al-Bukhary كتاب الشركة 2493]

Shaikh al-Fawzan stated, “The ship here is the Sharee’ah, since there is no saviour for the people without it…”, he further states, “if they leave enjoining the good and forbidding the evil the Sharee’ah would be punctured and everyone drowns”. [Previous source p192]

What a beautiful prophetic example indeed it is! Becoming negligent in this affair leads to the corruption of society….to the sinking of society. In fact, so important is this affair that Allah mentioned it in association to the prayer and zakat in several places  in the Qur’an.

An extremely important point highlighted by Shaikh al-Fawzan that it is NOT sufficient to ONLY enjoin the good and neglect forbidding the evil, “…so it is not sufficient you say to the people “pray” or “make hajj or umra”, but rather you MUST say to them, “leave that which Allah has forbidden you from in terms of sins and evil deeds and oppositions, general or specific, you forbid them from fornication, stealing, drinking alcohol and from leaving the prayer AND EVERY [type of] OPPOSITION, so Allah did not suffice with commanding enjoining the good only, rather He mentioned alongside forbidding the evil, since one is not upright without the other, indicating that they are two connected and correlated affairs”. [Previous source p215].

Similarly Allah stated in Soorat-ul-’Asr: إِلَّا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ وَتَوَاصَوْا بِالْحَقِّ وَتَوَاصَوْا بِالصَّبْرِ‌ “Except those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth (i.e. order one another to perform all kinds of good deeds (Al-Ma’ruf) which Allah has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds (Al-Munkar) which Allah has forbidden), and recommend one another to patience (for the sufferings, harms, and injuries which one may encounter in Allah’s Cause during preaching His religion of Islamic Monotheism or Jihad, etc.)”.

Indeed one of the characteristics of saviour mentioned here is advising upon the truth.

Similarly the prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم stated, “Whomsoever from amongst you sees an evil then let him change it with his hand, and if he is unable, the with his tongue, and if he is unable then with his heart, and that is the weakest of eemaan”.

With that in mind, it is extremely saddening for the hearts to realise, disturbing to the eyes to see and painful upon the ears to hear – yet with such regret an affair our senses have become accustomed to – that the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham who apparently claim Salafiyyah for themselves – and the reality does not attest to that – have organised a conference in which individuals who traverse upon deviated methodologies are presented to the common people as “scholars”. Individuals – for example – who are representatives of the “al-Maghrib Institute”, an organisation that seeks to distance the people from the scholars, promote upon them deviances in styles of dawa whereby events are closer to comedy shows rather than dawa with such regret, the unbelievable exposition regarding the Magic affair still continues within their ranks, agreements with the people of deviation, and many more affairs that highlight to the just and sensible reader the level of deviation they are upon causing an understanding that this is not the way of the Salaf, may Allah  protect the masses from them. Yet it is saddening to see that the level of desires has become such that GLM continues to present such individuals falsely identified as “scholars” to the common people who may be unaware, and hence lead them astray – we seek refuge in Allah from such betrayal.

We therefore advise in sincerity – enjoining the good and forbidding the evil -, seeking by it the reward of Allah alone, for all individuals to abstain from this conference and to advise their friends and families similarly, and to sincerely ponder over the affairs of their religion, to recognise the regrettable path GLM traverses upon and to protect themselves from all of its activities. How saddening is it that people in roles of trust betray that trust and present to the common people deviated individuals to have them lead astray? SubhaanAllah, may Allah protect us from such betrayal. Protect yourselves and your families from this misguidance.

Furthermore, it is deeply saddening that certain individuals who are involved in dawa – whilst stating that they privately advise here and there, and in small gatherings -  chose to publicly remain silent upon such affairs claiming that the evil or negative outcome would be worse! One such individual is Abul-Abbas Naveed Ayaaz of Nelson, Lancashire in the Uk, and an associate of Madeenahdotcom. This individual has been advised for several years regarding his erroneous methodology, such as his cooperation with hizby masaajid in Manchester who to this day defend and promote innovators, such as Masjid Sunnah, although it is near impossible to engage him upon anything since he claims never to recall any facts, hence we no longer attempt to do so. This is an individual who may be trusted by some people in Nelson, however we advise sincerely for the sake fo Allah that our brothers and sisters should not become confused by his soft tone of speech and gentle behaviour. This is an individual who with such regret refused to publicly make the people aware of the upcoming GLM conference even though he agreed it was a deviated conference! He claimed that apparently the harm outweighed the benefit of doing so! What harm is greater than purposefully allowing our brothers and sisters to be misguided? To purposefully allow the youth to go astray? To purposefully allow people to become attached to “singers” and “al-maghrib” speakers, some of whom describe themselves as “comedians” we seek refuge in Allah. All in the name of protecting personal status and position amongst the GLM organisation, to save face and to “protect” the speakers and affiliates of GLM. He would have desired for this to deceptively remain concealed, and we only expose it to highlight the deception and betrayal of the people he claimed was acceptable in the name of the religion and principles.

It is exactly because of this nature of deception and betrayal and silence upon deviant individuals and conferences publicly  that Shaikh Mohammad bin Haady warned against Madeenahdotcom. What is most saddening of all is that this Naveed will claim – as always – he is being lied against, however the affair is clear, we requested  for him to publicly advise everyone [since he has given lectures in other cities too, not just Nelson, and therefore speaking to some brothers here and there, a small circle here and there was not sufficient] and to let them know in a public fashion EXPLICITLY that this GLM conference is not to be attended, not general speech about al-maghrib or others, yet his argument remained that it is a greater harm apparently – may Allah guide him. The scholars who are people of insight do not consider it to be a greater harm as is apparent to all now, hence they spoke clearly and warned against GLM, previously and currently.

Shaikh bin Baz said: “If the people of truth did not speak out in clarification of the tuth, then the people of error would remain upon their mistakes, others would blindly follow them in that, and the sin of withholding the truth would fall back on those who remained silent”. [Fatawa Shaikh bin Baz 3/72]

“Then the student of knowledge after that is very keen to not conceal anything from that which he knows, he is keen upon clarification of the truth and refutation of the opposers to the religion of Islaam, he does not become slack in that…and neither does he conceal that which he has from knowledge, rather he writes and delivers sermons, and he speaks and refutes the people of innovation…” [Excerpts from a beautiful article by Shaikh bin Baz available on his official website].

Shaikh Ahmad Najmy رحمه الله stated: “Therefore, it is binding upon the students of knowledge – the people of understanding – the ones who know the salafi methodology, and they know concerning the other methodologies, it is binding upon them to clarify to others….as for those who are silent upon clarifying the truth to the people then they are not excused due to their silence and even if they say “we are not with them” (i.e with the hizbiyyoon). So they are not excused even if they say “we are not with the people of these misguided groups from the truth, except that they reject and rebut that which they (the misguided groups) are upon in terms of misguidance”.

This Naveed Ayaaz is a defender of GLM and upon his regrettable understanding still promotes that GLM is a salafi organisation, confusing young and innocent individuals, or those new to understanding Islam into being lead astray by the deviations of GLM and al-Maghrib whom they unbelievably continue to openly cooperate with subhaanAllah. He remains silent upon deviations such as this upcoming conference and only now apparently when the affair seems to have been exposed to him and he realises there is no hope, it is claimed he is attempting to save some dignity by sending some texts out.

We say sincerely, protect yourselves from the likes of these individuals with such wayward methodologies. GLM is upon a deviated way, Masjid Sunnah in Manchester still defend innovators yet Naveed Ayaaz cooperates with them all and remains silent upon their deviations publicly claiming there is more harm[?!]. The claim being that those affiliated to GLM would no longer desire to allow him to give dawa Allahu Akbar! What have the scholars said for years?! It is not permissible to become restricted and constrained from being able to advise the people of deviants and innovators! That is not a pay-off to be able to give dawa! Rather we give the dawa freely with wisdom and we call the people to the truth WITHOUT being shackled and unable to speak the truth and having to PURPOSEFULLY ALLOW PEOPLE TO BE MISGUIDED BY STAYING PUBLICLY SILENT [CLAIMING A GREATER HARM!] SINCE THE ORGANISATION YOU WORK WITH WILL NOT BE PLEASED IF YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH! May Allah protect us.

All of this as a sincere advice to our brothers and sisters, do not allow your love of an individual, or your emotional attachments to prevent you from accepting the truth regarding GLM and this individual Naveed Ayaaz. Do not allow your children to grow up attached to organisations promoting magic or innovators, nor attached to individuals who claim to promote the Sunnah yet have the audacity to preach to people that GLM is legitimate. He will deceive the commoners by presenting selected statements of the scholars in order to promote a methodology of cooperation with the people of innovation and silence on them. We should highlight for reasons bewildering and unkown, perhaps some form of reverse psychology, Naveed Ayaaz actually requested for his name to be explicitly mentioned in this article[!], an article he was aware would expose the reality.

Shaikh al-Fawzan stated: “The truth is that the one who  enjoins the good and forbids the evil he only wants goodness for the people, he wants rectification for them, as for the one who remains silent and says, ‘I don’t getting involved in the affairs of others!’ this is the one who wants evil for the people and does not love for them goodness” [Previous source p197].

We advise each other upon sincerity and desiring goodness, may Allah give you all success.

Abu Muadh Taqweem

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