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Yusuf Estes and the Quran
Regarding our recent exposition of Yusuf Estes' denial of Allaah's Qudrah (Unlimited Capability) found here:http://yusufestesquran.com/2013/12/10/denial-of-allahs-unlimited-qudrah-capability/
Some people may argue that Yusuf Estes only says that "Allaah cannot do everything" and that "you cannot say that Allaah can do anything" because he is ignorant and confused, and he doesn't know that these kinds of teachings come from disbelieving philosophers.
Does Yusuf Estes Know that these Statements are Rooted in Atheistic Philosophy?
Yusuf Estes has shown that he knows clearly where these kinds of thoughts come from. Sitting next to Dr. Bilal Philips, Estes remarks:
“Someone could come to you with an age-old question that dates back to the times of the Romans and Greeks in their philosophies. They used to ask a question: ‘Do you believe in God?’ Now these are atheists asking believers. The believer says, ‘Yes, I do.’ ‘Well, can God do anything?’ …” [Estes goes on to pose the same 'rock so big that He can't move it' rhetoric!]
Source: The video clip: "Sheikh Yusuf Estes on Where is Allah?" (at about the five and a half minute point of the video).
How clear! Yusuf Estes has adopted what he knows to be Roman and Greek Atheist Philosophy into his so-called “Islamic teachings”.
By Allaah, I would fear nifaaq (hypocrisy) and betrayal for myself if I remained silent about the things he spreads to unsuspecting Muslims. Ask yourself - On what basis could anyone request us to remain silent about these kinds of teachings or the one spreading them about the globe?! Fear Allaah, and know that the Deen of Allaah will always be preserved and purified. How can the reputation of a known liar who the scholars have identified as being "dhaall mudhill" astray, leading others astray, be given priority over the purity of the basic Islamic belief system?
Let your hatred be for those who corrupt the Religion, not those actively involved in restoring its proper understanding and warning from those who corrupt it. May Allaah give us all success.


Moosaa Richardson

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