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Who are Jamiyyah? Do you know who is Shaykh Muhammad al-Jaami?

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By Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee:

A student once came to us at the Islamic University [of Madeenah]. So one of the people present received him and asked him a question in regards to sects. Of course, the intent of the questioner was in reference to the well-known sects such as the Jahmiyaah, Mu’tazillaah, ‘Ashariyaah, Ma’turidiyaah, Ikhwaaniyaah and Tablighiyaah and other than them. However, the student didn’t know anything about this.

He replied ‘By Allah, the most dangerous sect present today is the sect of the Jamiyaah.’ 
He was a student who had memorised the book of Allah. He was a young student who had come from one of our cities [in Saudi Arabia].
So our brother – may Allah reward him, asked to him, ‘O ‘my son, you are an intelligent boy, you have memorised the book of Allah and you signs of goodness. Who has said to you there is a sect called al-Jamiyaah?
So he named a judge from the judges and said, ‘Such and Such judge from the Islamic courts had said this to me.’
So [the questioner said], ‘O’ my son, do you know the shaykh whom the people are nicked named due to him?
He said ‘No, I don’t know him…
[The questioner asked], ‘Do you know of Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaami’?
He said ‘By Allah, I don’t know him…’
[The questioner asked], ‘Do you know his books?
[The student replied], ‘No…..
[The questioner asked], ‘Do you know  he was the Dean of the faculty of Hadith at the Islamic University [of Madeenah]?’ Do you know he was the head of the faculty of Aqeedah in the department of Higher Education at the University [of Madeenah]? Do you know he was a student of Shaykh ibn Baaz and Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibraahim?  Do you know he was a teacher at the Noble Masjid of the Prophet until he passed away? Do you know he was upon the methodology of Ahlul Sunnah wal-Jammah and a caller to it? Do you know anything of his books?’
[the student replied], ‘No….’
The brother who received him said to him, ‘Fine, I ask you two questions. If you were to stand in between the hands [i.e in front] of Allah tomorrow - the Day of Judgement, and Shaykh Muhammad Amaan ibn Ali al-Jaami confronts you and says, ‘O’ Such and Such, according [to which verse from] Book or Sunnah did you insult me and the people with my surname?’ What will you say to your Lord at that time?
The brother who confronted him said, ‘The young man cried and said, ‘By Allah O’ brother you have awakened me. I have been slandering the honour of this scholar for more than five years. So may Allah reward you. Would you direct me to his books so that I may benefit from him.”


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