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An Urgent Message to Al-Halabee

Shaykh Muhammad Sa’eed Raslaan


All the praise is for Allaah Alone; may prayers and peace be upon he whom there is no Prophet after him. To Proceed:

This is an urgent message to Al-Halabee; ‘Alee ibn Hasan ‘Abdul-Hameed.

O Halabee; indeed the people have the utmost worry over you and are utterly confused. They are between being one who is concerned for you and one who is gloating over your misfortune.  So if this message of mine reaches you then respond to it and do not ignore it. For the affair is serious and it is not a joke. It is the fact that many of the people have seen an article attributed to you and spread within the public toilet that you have dedicated to “kulalsalafiyeen”[1] for everyone who is holding their bowels to relieve himself and remove the filth from themselves and attain for you the reward (for them doing so).

When some read your article they were certain that you had been lied upon and that this was falsely attributed to you. The proof for this was the fact that obstinate speech, little manners, transgressing in the honor of the Muslims, foolish speech, weakness in context, apparent inability in formatting of words such that they were vile, despicable, and evil sentences; all of this is not known from you and not (normally) written by you. And (the fact that) the article is a decisive evidence that (as it relates to) the public toilet: “kulalsalafiyeen” that which is done therein opposes that which is stated as being the intent behind it; from it being mercy, forbearance, awareness, knowledge, and authorship for the hearts, and an arena which welcomes sincere advice and benefit.

Due to this, some were certain that that which was within the article as being attributed to you was not by you; rather, it was by a despicable evil person; longwinded in his despicable obstinacy, disgrace flowing from his fingertips; whose soul is filled with filth. They claim that you are too chaste in your tongue and too noble in your manners for you to stoop to this low depth in which the riff-raff and lowly people live comfortably and their tongues speak with it.

The point, O Halabee, is that this group of people are certain that that which is within the article in question from vileness and little manners and obstinacy and wicked despicableness, blatant ugliness, is not by you, and it is not from that which is written in your scrolls of evil deeds and will enter into your grave with you and which your Lord will ask you about. However, while they are sure of this, they have no evidence for it.

As for the other group, they are those who gloat at your misfortune; looking at you with contempt; his laughter fills his soul; joy has taken away his sedateness and seriousness. He believes that you have manifested your reality and have clarified that which was hidden within yourself and that you claim that which is not within you, and that you take that which you do not give. And that you are the greatest of those who split the Salafees, and break up their unity. Rather, this group holds that you are the Imaam of the extremists and the figurehead of those who make evil accusations against those who are innocent; etc. to the end of that which they say.

O Halabee, the article has left the people in a state of confusion. Therefore clarify—without shying away from doing so or ignoring it—the reality of the matter. If you are actually responsible for it then there is no doubt that you are in need of one who does Ruqyah to recite over you the verses of Allaah in order to remove that which has afflicted you from the evil Jinn who is speaking upon your tongue with vileness and vulgarity. And vulgarity is from hypocrisy, as you do not (seem to) know. So if you do not find one who can perform Ruqyah, then search for a doctor  of medicine; because the hallucinations which have driven you to this course, it is not befitting to leave them to be negligent in their treatment; so that the illness won’t become terminal, from which there is no hope for recovery.

If the affair is like that (that it was not by you), then clarify O Halabee; so that the vileness is attributed correctly to its author and the ignominy goes to its rightful owner, and you can remain with your honor intact and free from this defect; faking in your claim to unify the rank, repel differing, and utilizing forbearance.

If the affair is like the second group says, then how beautiful it would be for you to acknowledge your sin and repent to your Lord and recant (regarding) your affair. The door of repentance is open, O Halabee, until your soul reaches the collarbone or until the sun rises from the west.

Desist, if you are the one who did it, from your evil and stop your error. Search amongst those around you for a wise, upright, trustworthy advisor to take you by the hand, if the evil of your stupidity has overtaken you, and the intensity of your gall has incited you to these depths, from lowliness in manners and despicable characteristics. For it is not befitting for a major student of the ‘Allaamah Al-Albaanee[2] to be a role model in vulgarity and an example of evil manners.

O Halabee, do not delay the response; so you can cease the uproar, and stop the anger, and wipe out the error. And may Allaah rectify the Muslims. All the praise is for Allaah, the Lord of all that exists.

Translated by Raha ibn Donald Batts

Source:  http://www.sahab.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=141977

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[1] This is a reference to Al-Halabee’s despicable public forum

[2] The Shaykh seems to almost giggle at this notion.

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