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Ibn Al Mubarak and the black slave


Then the black slave left. So I followed him until he entered a home of the morticians, so I knew which house it was. In the morning I took some dinars (the local currency) and went to the home, and there was a man at the door. I said: ‘I’m looking for the man of this house.’ He replied: ‘I am him.’ I said: ‘There is a servant of yours I wish to purchase.’ He replied: ‘I have fourteen servants; I will bring them out to you.’ He (ibn Al Mubarak) said: ‘this particular servant was not amongst them, so I said: “Do you have any more?”’ He said to me: ‘there is a sick youth.’ So he brought him out and he was the black slave. I said: ‘he is the exact one.’ He replied: ‘he is yours Abu Abdur Rahman.’ So I gave him fourteen dinar and I took the servant.

When we left and took one of the roads. He said: ‘O master what do you want with me while I am sick?’ I replied: ‘because of what I saw last night.’ He (ibn Al Mubarak) said: So he (the black servant) leaned on the wall and said: O Allah, don’t make me famous, take my soul to You. He (Al Mubarak) said: So he fell down dead, and the people of Mecca gathered (to pray over him).

Taken from: Fundamentals of the Creed of Ahlus Sunnah wa Jamah

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee

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