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The Nine Conditions of the Prayer: A condition is that which must be present before the prayer is performed in order for it to be acceptable.

1. One must be Muslim

2. He must be sane and conscious

3. He must be of the age of maturity

4. He must have wudoo (ablution) and have taken ghusl if necessary

5. There must be no impurities on his body, clothes or place of prayer


6. He must cover his ‘awrah.

7. It must be the right time for the prayer he is performing

8. His entire body must be facing the Qiblah.

9. He must have the intention for the prayer in his heart

The Fourteen Pillars of the Prayer: A pillar is that which must be performed during the prayer, and if left out, whether intentionally or unintentionally, makes the prayer invalid.

1. Standing, if one has the ability to do so

2. The opening Takbeer

3. Reciting Surah Al-Faatihah in every rak’ah

4. Bowing

5. Rising from Bowing

6. Prostrating on all seven limbs

7. Erecting oneself from it

8. Sitting between the two prostrations

9. Remaining tranquil (i.e. not rushing) during all of these pillars)

10. Maintaining the same Sequence

11. The final Tashahhud

12. Sitting during the Tashahhud

13. Sending Salaat on the Prophet

14. The (final) two Tasleems

The Eight Requirements of the Prayer: A requirement is that which must be performed in prayer. If left out intentionally, the prayer is invalid. If left out unintentionally, out of forgetfulness, one must make the two prostrations of forgetfulness (sujood as-sahw) at the end of the prayer.

1. All the takbeers except the opening one

2. Saying “Subhaana Rabby al-‘Adheem” when bowing

3. Saying “Sami’a Allaahu Liman Hamidahu” – This applies to the one leading the prayer and the one praying alone

4. Saying “Rabbanaa wa Lakal-Hamd” – this applies to everyone praying

5. Saying “Subhaana Rabby al-A’alaa” when prostrating

6. Saying “Rabb Ighfir Lee” while in between the two prostrations

7. The first Tashahhud

8. Sitting during the first Tashahhud.

The Ten Conditions of Wudoo:

1. One must be Muslim

2. He must be sane and conscious

3. He must have reached the age of maturity

4. He must have the Intention

5. He must intend to not stop until he completes his ritual purity

6. He must remove that which makes ritual purity mandatory

7. His private parts must be clean

8. He must use clean water that is permissible

9. He must remove all things that prevent the water from reaching his skin

10. It must be the proper time. This applies to those who have extended periods of ritual impurity, such as menstruating women

The Six Requirements of Wudoo:

1. He must wash his face, which is from ear to ear and forehead to chin, and which includes rinsing the mouth and inhaling water in the nose and blowing it out.

2. He must wash his hands up to (and including) the elbows

3. He must wipe his entire head, including the ears (with water)

4. He must wash his feet up to (and including) the ankles

5. He must maintain this sequence (i.e. 1 to 4)

6. Each of the above acts must be done without any pause in between them so as to let the previous part of the body that was washed become dry.

The Eight Nullifiers of Wudoo:

1. Whatever comes out from the two private parts

2. Any foul impure substance that comes out from the body

3. Loss of consciousness (i.e. sleep/insanity)

4. Touching a woman with sexual desire

5. Touching one’s private part with the hand, whether it is the penis or the anus

6. Eating the meat of camels

7. Bathing a deceased person

8. Apostating from Islaam, may Allaah protect us from that!

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