The Difference between the Call of the Ikhwaan al-Muslimoon and the Salafis | Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaami

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As for Ikhwaan ul-Muslimoon, then they are older than them [as-Surooriyah] and also more proficient and active in propagating their methodology and movement. They are prevalent among you and live alongside you. They pretend to give da’wah to Islaam. However, [their] da’wah is not a practical da’wah as it contains no rectification, commanding [good], forbidding [evil], rejection of immorality or educating; rather, gathering [the people] and impairing the seeking of knowledge. [Just] gathering numbers. I gave an example of this [ikhwaanida’wah in some of my lectures, to highlight the difference between their da’wah and the da’wah of the Salafiyeen.

Salafi individual enters a market place and says to the people [Muslims]: “O servants of Allah, perform ablution, and who ever needs to perform ghusul then do so, purify yourselves [in preparation] for prayer and precede to the masjid and perform prayer“ Thus he [the Salafi] starts with tahaarah [purification] and preparation for prayer. On the other hand, [an Ikhwaani] person enters the market and says: ”Leave this [preparation for prayer]. Precede all of you to the masjid without any conditions or restrictions.Al-junub (needing ritual bath), al-haaith (menstruating women), al-nufasaa (women in postnatal bleeding) al-muhdath [needing ablution] enter the masjid [for prayer] all of you. [You are] Muslims!! So there is no need for these conditions“. This is the likeness of their da’wah; meaning: gathering the people [as many as possible] under the banner of Islaam without nurturing, educating, or directing [them], [just] Islaam, [just] Muslims and that is sufficient. This is wasting [their Islam] and an act of pre-tense, deception and lack of advising.

[The Prophet said], “Whoever deceives us is not from us” This is not da’wah! Da’wah is rectification! Teach the people how to clean themselves, teach the people Aqeeda, teach them the conditions of La illaha illalla and the conditions of ablution, and prayer, teach them properly. The Islamic Da’wah is a Da’wah of nurturing, and the strange thing, is that they always use the term education when in reality they are not about education, they never nurture [the Muslims] ever, even though education is mentioned frequently in their books. Let me give you an example, I worked in a large Muslim country in which a very large Islamic group was present. Ahlu-Hadeeth – the Salafiyoon were also present. As for the curriculum of the Salafis, then they designed a curriculum exclusively for themselves other than the curriculum of the state. They would teach their boys and girls in their own private schools from [the primary stage of)] memorising Quran up until University level. When you see one of them [students] you would know from his dress-code, prayer, and how he conducts himself that he is Salafi. There is nurturing and educating [in these Salafi schools], and their masjids have distinctness about them.

However, the large [Islamic] group is such that you cannot differentiate between them [it] and the other Islamic sects and denominations that are present there; not by way of any Masjids or any curriculum for themselves. [Rather], they are completely intermingled with the other groups. The Islamic sects and denominations that are present there are too many to count. You cannot differentiate between them and the so-called group ‘Al-Jamaa’at ul-Islaamiyah‘ what so ever; unless an individual from them tells you: ‘I’m from the Jamaa’at ul-Islaamiyah‘ (i.e.ikhwaani). If you so happen to be in a sitting with a person from the ‘Deobundiyah‘ or ‘Burailweyah‘ sect, and another from the Jamaa’at ul-Islaamiyah you would not be able to differentiate between them in any way what so ever. However, Ahlul-hadeeth are distinct.

Many a time an individual would pray next to me in the Prophet’s masjid and I would know by the way that he prays that he is upon the methodology of Ahlul-hadeeth. I would ask him after prayer: ‘Are you upon the methodology of Ahlul-hadeeth?’ [He would reply]: ‘yes….‘ [I would asked];  ‘From what country?….‘ [He would reply]: ‘From such-and-such country.‘ He is distinct!! Due to being nurtured upon Islamic education!! This is Islaam. This is education.

Translated by Abd ar-Rahman Hugh

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